Gamecover Sunflowers

Standard Gamecover Sunflowers

Will normally grow to a height of between 4.5 – 6 feet. If sown in blocks you can increase the size of the heads by    reducing the seed rate, this also increases the stem thickness and therefore standing power. Remember minimum soil temperature required is 10°C.


Dwarf Gamecover Sunflowers

Dwarf sunflowers will grow to around 3 – 4 feet in height. Mostly sown in mixtures where they add excellent feed  quality and quantity. They also bring in lots of insect  activity during the flowering period approximately the end of July and into August for two to three weeks.


Sunflower Sowing Details

Sowing Rate: 5kg per acre
Sowing Date: April – May
Pack size: 1 acre pack
Cover From: July – November

Sunflowers make a fantastic sight when drilled in blocks but are also often grown as part of a mixture.  Whilst providing an abundant source of seed in Autumn, sunflowers attract huge numbers of insects to the cover from the time they start to flower. Helps to attract finches and other wildlife to the cover crop. Sow after mid April when soil temperatures have reached a minimum of 10°C. Best results with  sunflowers are seen in years which have a good sunny summer.

From late  Autumn and on into the winter months once the seed has been shed, the senesced stems will remain standing, in normal weather conditions, to help give height to the cover. Flowering period is normally around two to three weeks in length  in late July or early August with seed being ready for shedding from early  October.