Gamecover Mixtures

Traditional Gamecover Mix

Our bestselling traditional mixture designed to provide a full season of feed and cover.

Setter Gamecover Mix

An Ideal Mixture for full season cover and shedding seeds for feed.


If you are looking for good weed control then this is the mixture for you.

Golden Retriever

This combination of Dwarf Sunflowers, Dwarf Sorghum and Millet Blend will give a full season of cover and feed.

Sundown Mixture

Mixture of gamecover maize and sunflowers combining excellent standing power from the maize along with the seed from the sunflowers.

Four Ten

Provides feed and cover throughout the season. The dwarf sorghum will help provide added warmth lower down the maize canopy.

Pro Driver

Pro Driver is specifically designed for partridges. Pro Driver offers a thinner canopy for easier bird access and controlled drives.

Partridge Mix

This mixture has been used widely as a general mix and is well suited to northern conditions.       

Northern Star

Northern Star is ideal for use in colder, more exposed areas. Provides cover and feed throughout the season.


Labrador is specifically designed for use in more exposed situations. Labrador will provide full season cover and some feed potential.

Feed & Cover Mix

A diverse mix designed for a full season of good feed and cover for numerous bird species.

Deer Lawn

A mixture blended to provide a blend of forage which will suit the needs of most deer species providing good levels of protein and minerals.


Springer utilises the perennial nature of Chicory for its longer life. This excellent plant is tall, strong and will give excellent driving cover.


A superb combination of winter hardy cover provided by the Kale and high quality feed provided by the Quinoa.

King Mix 2000

With the  protection of Cruiser SB for flea beetle control. King Mix 2000 is very popular and provides excellent bird holding cover.

Kwik Fix

A blend of mustard and fodder radish. both quick to establish and will give good cover for areas of failed cover in a short space of time.


Very quick growing drought tolerant cover crop which makes it ideal for late sowing. A mix which can be broadcast into cereal stubble.

Late Cover Mixture

Will grow to a height of between 2 and 3 feet. It is easy to establish and is an ideal mixture to broadcast after harvesting cereals.

Jack Russell

Excellent feed source for a one year cover crop with thebonus of herbicide tolerance. Ideal choice for colder exposed areas.

Northern Shot Mix

Ideal choice for colder exposed areas. Northern Shot will last up to two years providing cover and feed as well as a wildlife haven.

Nesting Rearing Mix

Provides a perfect rearing or release pen mixture. rapid establishing hard wearing sward which will withstand intensive stocking.

Terrier Organic Mix

Contains organically sourced seed and provides a full season of cover and feed. There is a potential for this mixture to last for 2 years.

Decoy Mix

A mixture of six small seed producing species which will provide excellent cover and feed and will last throughout the season.