Amenity Grass

Horizon Popular

Suited to: General landscaping, back lawns. 000000

Horizon Scape

Suited to: Quality lawns, turf production, golf fairways, golf tees.

Horizon Hardwear

Suited to: Hard wearing lawns, sports pitches, parks, landscape.

Horizon Green

Suited to: Fine and ornamental lawns, golf greens.

Horizon Slowgrow

Suited to: Areas requiring low maintenance. 0000

Horizon Fine

Suited to: Quality lawns, Landscape, Banked areas.

Shade & Drought Tolerant

Suited to: Shady situations, Lighter faster draining soil types.

Horizon Sport

Suited to: Winter and summer sports pitches, cricket, football etc and sports renovation.

Horizon Roadside D.O.T

Suited to: Roadside verges and poor quality soil types.

Triumph Horse Paddock

A high yielding horse grazing mixture.

About our Mixtures

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