Oilseed Rape
Our ever growing portfolio of winter oilseed rape varieties offers something for everyone, from the stable on-farm favourites to exciting new varieties, all of which go through extensive UK testing by the HGCA and NIAB TAG.
Winter Oilseed Rape
Winter Oilseed Rape
Our 2016/17 Winter Oilseed Rape portfolio:
Es Mambo

Es Mambo is the new conventional winter oilseed rape variety with the highest HGCA Agronomic Merit rating of 41.2

With consistent high yields across a wide range of sites and contrasting years and an excellent combined multi-gene disease resistance profile, Mambo is sure to become a firm favourite with growers and agronomists alike.

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Es Astrid

A farmer’s favourite, Es Astrid is a conventional low biomass winter oilseed rape variety known for its reliability. Its consistent performance from site to site and year to year has made it a variety to be relied upon, as has its ease of management and resistance to Phoma (Stem Canker).

Es Astrid was one of the highest rated HGCA recommended winter oilseed rape varieties for resisting Stem Canker. It’s high multi-gene resistance reduces pressure on early autumn Phoma sprays.

Every harvest you’ll see the reason to drill Es Astrid. It yields well, is quick and easy to combine and performs across the farm.

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Es Alienor

Es Alienor is the perfect variety for growing when an early harvest is required, allowing you more time to prepare seedbeds for following crops and allowing you to avoid the risks of a wet harvest.

This is a variety that will be harvested and in the barn when other varieties haven’t even begun to be harvested. This gives you time to prepare good seedbeds and drill for following crops while allowing stale seedbeds to control resistant black-grass and bromes prior to drilling wheat.

Alienor has the best disease resistance package of all varieties with a Light Leaf Spot resistance rating of 6, Phoma (Stem Canker) rating of 7 + Multigene resistance and an ADAS Verticillium Wilt Resistance in the top 3 of varieties tested giving growers and agronomists a simple choice.

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Es Cubic

Es Cubic is a direct descendant of Es Astrid, laying claim to its position as the next generation low biomass rape variety. Es Cubic is a variety with good autumn vigour that allows crops to establish well before the pigeons arrive.

Cubic is low biomass and has good multi-gene resistance to Phoma and good Light Leaf Spot resistance. Cubic has consistently performed well in NIAB/TAG Trials.

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Es Alegria

An extremely early maturing variety- as early as Alienor, Alegria is an exciting new variety in Grainseed's portfolio.

High yielding with excellent lodging resistance. Very vigorous growth both in the autumn and the spring ensuring even establishment and reduced pigeon grazing. Multigene resistance to Phoma stem canker and good Verticillium Wilt resistance.

Alegria has all the 'farmer essentials'; yield, vigour and earliness.

Find out more about Alegria (513Kb)

RGT Arazzo

RGT Arazzo a Hybrid Winter Oilseed Rape - King of Yields

  • Consistent variety that always delivers
  • Excellent early spring vigour
  • Early flowering and seed maturity like Excalibur
  • Superb lodging resistnace and stem stiffness
  • Highest gross output in verticillium trials

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