Oilseed Rape
Our ever growing portfolio of winter oilseed rape varieties offers something for everyone, from the stable on-farm favourites to exciting new varieties, all of which go through extensive UK testing by the AHDB and NIAB TAG.
Winter Oilseed Rape
Winter Oilseed Rape
Our 2017/18 Winter Oilseed Rape portfolio:
Es Mambo

Es Mambo is the new conventional winter oilseed rape variety with the highest HGCA Agronomic Merit rating of 41.2

With consistent high yields across a wide range of sites and contrasting years and an excellent combined multi-gene disease resistance profile, Mambo is sure to become a firm favourite with growers and agronomists alike.

ES Mambo 2017 (2Mb)

Es Alegria

With excellent autumn vigour and establishment, early spring growth and very early harvest Es Alegria simplifies management of rape on farm.Excellent resistance to Light Leaf Spot, Phoma Stem Canker (multigene resistance) and high resistance to Verticillium wilt.

Alegria 2017 (1Mb)

RGT Arazzo

RGT Arazzo a Hybrid Winter Oilseed Rape - King of Yields

  • Consistent variety that always delivers
  • Excellent early spring vigour
  • Early flowering and seed maturity like Excalibur
  • Superb lodging resistance and stem stiffness
  • Highest gross output in verticillium trials

Arazzo 2017 (961Kb)

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