March 10, 2015
Growers need to optimise use of 2014 crop and consider options for 2015 plantings
With up to 25% extra maize produced by many growers last year, producers need to think carefully about how best to utilise this valuable forage.

Maize 2014 gives bumper yield (1Mb)

Focusing on producing 15% more energy from forage and increasing dairy margins is a realistic target for most UK dairy farmers.

Maximise energy yield to boost Dairy margins (1Mb)
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Maize trials point way to raising crop output
Three of the speakers from this years Maize Growers Association (MGA) Conference reflect on the results of recent trial work.

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Unlocking maize energy potential
New wave of maize varieties unlocks energy potential.

A new focus on the role of digestibility in maize based rations could...

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