Forage Maize
Maize for all your needs, tailored to thrive in Britain
All of our “Bred for Britain” maize varieties have been specifically bred for and extensively tested in the UK both in official NIAB trials and in our own large scale farm trials on over 50 locations across England, Scotland and Wales. We trial maize varieties suitable for forage, grain and biogas production both conventionally drilled and under plastic.

Grainseed Ltd store at Eye
Grainseed Ltd store at Eye
Please contact us for information on the varieties trialled in your area.
Our Most Popular Varieties

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Varieties For Other Uses
Long Season Varieties

Es Metronom

Metronom 2018 (394Kb)

Es Watson

Watson 2018 (376Kb)

Varieties for feeding Beef cattle

Maize for Beef (296Kb)

Grain variety


Sunshinos 2018 (432Kb)
Seed Dressings 2018 - What are the options?

Opticoat_Sonido 2018 (1Mb)

Maxi-Maize PLUS - Best starter fertiliser for maize

Maxi-Maize Plus 2018 (2Mb)

Slow release foliar nitrogen fertiliser- Efficient 28

Efficient 28 (491Kb)
Plastic or Not - Should I grow under plastic?

Plastic or Not 2018 (943Kb)

When to harvest.....

Harvest Guide 2017 (5Mb)
Unlocking maize energy potential
New wave of maize varieties unlocks energy potential.

A new focus on the role of digestibility in maize based rations could...

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Farmers Weekly Maize Feature 2017
Interesting and informative Maize Feature from Farmers Weekly

Farmers Weekly Maize Feature (7Mb)

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Es Aquarel top yielding variety in Clearfield Trials 2017

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Choose varietal resistance against Verticillium or suffer the consequences

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Is Maize set to beat grass for reliability in January's edition of Dairy Farmer
Recent UK weather trends could be working in maize's favour and making it a more reliable forage crop than grass...

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